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Top Free Question Answer Script List – Like Yahoo Answers, Stackoverflow

These websites are more direct as they provoke incoming users to ask questions and find their answers more directly than going to the painful procedure of joining the forum. They look better than forums and chances are more that a user will post question will always exist.

Apart from dedicating a whole website to Q&A section you can also integrate your existing website or blog with a Q&A website. The advantage being that your readers will leave related questions to your blog and even unanswered they will drive search traffic. Sometime unanswered questions drive more traffic than answered one.

Top Free Question Answer Script List – Like Yahoo Answers, Stackoverflow

1. Question2answer


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A Q&A site helps an online community to share knowledge. No matter what your area of interest, people with questions can get super answers fast. Question2Answer is a popular Q&A solution, already in use on 1,769 sites in 33 languages.

It is a Php and Mysql based script.

2. Shapado



Shapado is written in ruby and is a clone script of stackoverflow.

To download you need to install git and run:

git clone git://

Then read the instructions here.

If you want to install it on a production server, you may want to use apache with mod_rails, here are the instructions.

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Qsqa is an open source script for a community question answer website and is written in python.

4. AskBot



AsBot is written in Python and works same as stackoverflow.

Visit Download Page

Hope this BlaPage was helpful, Top Free Question Answer Script List – Like Yahoo Answers, Stackoverflow.

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