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New Facebook Invite All Friends Script Working – Select All

Invite all Friends working Script – This will allow you to invite all your firends, this is a new script works with Firefox 5 and 6 and there is also an alternate method I have posted below.


INVITE ALL FRIENDS (Still Working Tested on 14nd August 2011)


Step 1 : Click “+Invite Guests to Invite

Step 2: Invite Friend Tick Box Comes up scroll to the very bottom of friend list.

Step 3: Copy Entire Java Script below into Address Bar. Click Enter – after the java script on the address bar dont not use refresh page icon or any other go icon.

Step 4: Wait until whole friend list is ticked, which could take a minute depending the size of your friend list. Press Submit.

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName("checkableitems[]");for (i=0;i<elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type="checkbox" )elms[i].click()};

Step 4 : Optional – Add blank book mark to Tab Bar – CAll it “ALL”
Right click on “ALL” Book mark select Properties add Java Script Above to Book Mark Location. Then Save.

Note: That you can tick all and untick all with the same code.

Also the FaceBook Invite Method Above works on Events you don’t admin.

For Events You Created you can add Right Click ” Invite Friend Tick Box ” and Click “Open event in New Tab” which will bring up another window with the event. Then click on “Select” and the box will come up to select friends then proceed to Step 3: Copy Entire Java Script below into Address Bar. Click Enter

Alternate Method

This probably the easiest and Ultimate way of inviting your friends to your events.

1) Click on Friends Tab.
2) then click on “Edit Friends
3) Click on “Create Friend List
4) Friend Select box will come up.
5) Name Create Friend box “ALL
6) Use Java Script “


” in address bar then press enter.
7) wait till all friends are higlighted, then click on “Create Friend list” at bottom of box.

How to use the Created ALL Friends List to invite people to your facebook event page.

Note : make Sure you have “Grease Monkey” with the grease monkey script “facebook invite all friends button 2.01” or “DOWNLOAD” and use with “firefox 5.0.1

1) Click on “Select guests to invite
2) Invite friend box will come up
3) Tick the “Enable Auto Scroll” box (Grease Monkey – facebook invite Script)
4) Then go to Drop down menu Where it says “Search By Name” Select the Created Friend List “ALL
5) Then next to the “Enable Auto Scroll” box there should be a “Select All” button. Click on that, then wait a few seconds or so depending on how large the friendlist. Once all friends are highlighted.
6) Click on “Submit” to all your Friends.

Here’s a Youtube Video to Invite all your Facebook Friends to Group

Hope this BlaPage was helpful, New Facebook Invite All Friends Script Working – Select All.

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