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How to hide wordpress version info from header

This hack isn’t hard to do at all. Just open the functions.php file from your theme and add the following line of code: Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Remove admin name in wordpress comments class

Every time we posted a comment, WordPress automatically added a class that pretty much told everyone our admin login name.

The offending class is the “comment-author-admin” class. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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How to Secure Your New WordPress Installation

One of the best ways to ensure strong security for your WordPress-powered site is to secure its foundations during the installation process. Of course these techniques can be implemented at any point during the life of your site, but stetting them before the game starts Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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The xmlrpc.php File and Site Security

Located in the header.php file of most WordPress themes, there is an important hook called wp_head(). This essential hook enables functions to output content to the browser in the area of the web document 1. In newer versions of WordPress, Read the rest of this BlaPage »


7 WordPress Security Plugins to make your blog Hackproof

For any WordPress User the Top Most Important Issue is to keep its Account Secured from Hackers or Content thefts and As i Have many times already Discussed about the Security Issues of WordPress and How to Keep Your WordPress Website and Its Content Secured with Different Plugins and Tips. Read the rest of this BlaPage »


How to Protect wordpress theme from Spam Injections and Hidden Codes

I have Recently Given a Short Description About “Spam Injections and Hidden Malicious Codes in WordPress theme” in my last post Hacked Themes can Harm Your Blog. “Blog Hacked” are the 2 Terrible words that a Blogger never wants to See on its own Blog, Creating a successful Blog takes lot of effort Read the rest of this BlaPage »


How Nulled and Pirated Premium themes can destroy your blog

Nulled Premium WordPress Themes can also be known as Hacked or Pirated themes, Most of the Bloggers use the Hacked WordPress themes for their Blog without knowing the Issues they are Going to face in Future. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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