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Show Featured Image in WordPress

Featured Image is now a native feature in WordPress 3.0+ and this tutorial walks you through how to implement them.

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latest vbulletin posts

Show Latest Vbulletin Posts on HTML Page – vbulletin 4.x

If you have a blog and a forum both on your website and want to Display Latest vbulletin Threads on a page on Your Blog or any other page on any other website then you need to use the code below. Read the rest of this BlaPage »


Hover Block on Left Side of WebPage with Cookie enabled Close Button Script

This is a hover ad script, a block fixed to the left of the Page which can be closed with a cookie enabled close button. This box can be used to grab special attention of the visitors to fill a subscription box or increase CTR to any link or banner you have placed on your site. Read the rest of this BlaPage »


Floating Box at the Bottom of Webpage with Close Button Script

Floating Box at the bottom of a webpage script is useful as it don’t just showup or popup at the center of a webpage blocking all the stuff on it. You can put scbscription Box or any other link which require extra attention. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

clickable backgrounds

Script to Make Clickable Background on Both Sides of a WebPage

On Almost all the sites the background is a part which is empty and there is sometimes color or an image to fill it but how to use such space as there will be visitors who will have large window sizes browsing your website. The Script below is ideally for webpages or sites which have a width of 960px Read the rest of this BlaPage »

How to Show Iframe ads after Page Load

How to Show Iframe ads after Page Load

This trick will show the iframe content only after page loads completely. For some reason, this technique has not gotten the attention it deserves. I hope this blog post can help spread the word. Read the rest of this BlaPage »


Create Blinking Text with Use of CSS

Earlier in the 90’s the Blinking Text was easily achieved by using the blink tag and was viewed upon as a real newbie thing to do. The blink tag is now a deprecated HTML element, but in the name of moving presentation/style to CSS, there is now a CSS equivalent. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

Default Image

Content Locking Script

A working Content Locking Script with cookies and time delay function which tells it after how many seconds after loading of page you have to appear and after how many seconds you have unlock yourself after the visitor has clicked. It is not an ordinary script but it is still a small script. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

Default Image

Redirect 404 errors to Home Page or Index Page

Yes, it is often that when we check error logs in cpanel we see there are plenty of these errors no matter how much we spend time in fine tuning our websites. Sometimes these error appear when we have changed from say php to vbulletin or from some other cms to some third cms and there are numerous reasons why we see these errors. Read the rest of this BlaPage »


Unblockable Popunder and Popup script for Firefox 5 and Firefox 6

This is something that will never show the user the ugly yellow bar at the top of screen which confirms there is a popunder on this page. This script is for Popunders and popups which showup when user clicks on webpage. It is a cookie based script and by default the popunder will showup after every 24 hours for each visitor. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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