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Earn Big from Adsense Microsites – Micro Niche Sites

I start with keyword lists from adsenseheaven dot com which guesstimates the most expensive keywords to bid on in the PPC AdWords side of the Google ad world. I generally ignore the top 1000, as they are very competitive and saturated. I am not concerned with the top payouts.
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Read HOW Autoblogs can make you Thousands of Dollars each Month

I see people saying Autoblogs will get you banned or this and that, well these IGNORANT PEOPLE have no idea and have never tried Autoblogs. I made have made more than good amount of money with these Autoblogs not only that I got these Autoblogs to 20k-80k Alexa Ranking. Tons of search traffic and referral traffic. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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WordPress Adsense Theme for high CTR – Free wpAdsenseTheme

Free WP Adsense Theme is the best free WordPress Adsense ready theme that money just can’t buy! Now you can build amazing Adsense Websites without touching a single line of code (yea – we kind liked the way CTR wrote that!)… Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Google Adsense DMCA Complaint for Copyright Abuse

It is possible to complain to certain popular sites that often have copied content such as You can scare them and actually make them remove the copyrighted content – it is your right. And even if they remove the content as they made money from your content you can ask a share of it as well. Mostly they use adsense and I prefer to hit them where it hurts (the wallet) and get their adsense account closed if possible. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Google +1 Clickjacking Script – Adsense Clickjacking – Facebook Page Like Clickjacking

A clickjacking script hides the ad under the cursor, no matter where the visitor is taking it and no matter where he clicks – as the ad is hidden behind cursor and is invisible, the visitor always clicks the ad and not the actual link he is viewing in his screen. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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AutoClick on a Webpage script – Auto click Script – Autoclicker Script

I know you start searching for this script whenever a new idea pops in your mind, like popups on an adult website. You google it, yahoo it, post on forums to find such script and what not, even tried to pay somebody to make such a script for you. So, this is how I simulate/force a user clicking in the browser. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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