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2 Million Auto Approve Blogs Scrapebox List including edu Backlinks

This list is very powerful as contains several fresh very HIGH PR blogs and many EDU links in different niches. Some of them are dofollow and some are nofollow. Most of the links have low OBL (outbound links) Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Unlimited Auto Facebook Like Script

This script works like a charm, It’s an imacros script for auto pilot facebook likes. Just install on imacros set your loops hit start go to lunch or on holiday (depends on loop settings). Come back have a look and voila ! Few million likes. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Old Facebook Auto Like Page Script

There is already one such script posted with demo – FaceBook Auto Like Clickjacking Script This script does the same thing but it is different script, so you got choice. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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FaceBook Auto Like Clickjacking Script

First of all, this won’t get your account banned from Facebook, as it is not auto liking your Facebook fan page instead it will post a like on the user’s profile who will visit your site and click anywhere on your website’s page – he must be logged in at FaceBook or he will be asked for a login at facebook from your website which will open the sceret that you were sending autolikes at facebook. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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AutoClick on a Webpage script – Auto click Script – Autoclicker Script

I know you start searching for this script whenever a new idea pops in your mind, like popups on an adult website. You google it, yahoo it, post on forums to find such script and what not, even tried to pay somebody to make such a script for you. So, this is how I simulate/force a user clicking in the browser. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Auto Play Embed Any Youtube Video Mute or Sound Off

Whether it is the new Youtube Video Code or old or any code or any other video, play it auto and mute while it is embedded on your webpage. I have found this code after almost 120 years and 13 months. Here’s the code and it won’t disappoint you. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Page Auto Scroll Script – Auto Scroll a Web Page

This simple script when added to the body of your webpage will make the webpage to auto scroll, you can change the speed of scrolling according to your needs and the amount of text in one line at your site, as longer lines will take more time to be read and so the scrolling time should be less. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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