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Top Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

You can increase your website’s traffic and content awareness via simply installing these social share wordpress plugins. Some of which can help you even monetize your website’s traffic. Read the rest of this BlaPage »


Over Search Engine Optimization Penalty Google Penguin Update

This Google Penguin Update has supposedly gone live already according to some, but Google said “in the next few days” 36 hours ago. Regardless, there’s no shortage of speculation. Here’s some of what Matt Cutts said: Read the rest of this BlaPage »


rel=”author”, rel=”me” and Google +

Rel=”author” and Rel=”publisher” are the solution Google is adopting in order to better control, within other things, the spam pollution of the SERPs. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Why Google Plus is better than Facebook and Twitter – Google +?

Most of us spend a lot of time on Social Networks and know there a few limitations on our being social on these so called social Networks. And this list of Networks and limitations seeems to grow day by day. But now google has presented Google Plus (Google +), read the differences it has and why it is different in a better way. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Google’s New Algorithm Update Impacts 35% Of Searches

Today, Google announced a change to its search algorithm that the company says will impact 35% of Web searches. The change builds on top of its previous “Caffeine” update in order to deliver more up-to-date and relevant search results, specifically those in areas where freshness matters. This includes things like recent events, hot topics, current reviews and breaking news items. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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After Panda 2.5 Google Says SEO is not Spam

“We dont consider SEO to be spam,” ” this is the Google view as presented by Matt Cutts. Matt is the head of Google’s anti spam squad. And now the Google’s new definition of SEO- “SEO is a valid way to help people find what they’re looking for via search engines.” Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Google Panda Hits again 28 September to 16 October

Google Panda hits again benefiting Exact Match Domains or EMD, blogspot sites and original content only when it is confirmed by user by staying on site longer, visiting more pages and clicking as many links as he wants. What gone out or certainly going out is websites backed up by Strong SEO, quantity of backlinks, domain age etc. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide written by Google

Even if you are a good boy and follow all of Googliath’s little rules and suggestions, you’ll still be eating everyone’s dust but at least you can sleep better at night knowing you played the game according to Google. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Humans.txt file – on-page SEO, Trust Factor and FAQ

Everytime I search on google to improve my website’s search engine optimization, I find people saying things like create one million backlinks and choke social networks with your links and stuff, dry out youtube’s bandwidth and some other points to consider. But I came across this thing that tells search engines if a website is botsite or created by humans, to increase its trust factor among search engines which can help in your website’s SEO. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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Risks in participating in link farms – Google, Yahoo, Bing Webmaster Guidelines

There are many service providers who promise to help you boost your link popularity by automatically entering you into link exchange programs they operate, often linking your page with Web sites that have nothing to do with your content. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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