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Top Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

You can increase your website’s traffic and content awareness via simply installing these social share wordpress plugins. Some of which can help you even monetize your website’s traffic. Read the rest of this BlaPage »


21 Helpful WordPress SQL Queries Snippets

Your WordPress database stores every single one of your carefully written posts, every comment from your loyal readers and every setting that you have used to personalize your site. So, no matter how confident you are with your ability to use these SQL queries, please, please, always remember to backup your WordPress database first.

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Get Views on Your Videos, read

Video marketing isn’t as easy as just putting a few videos on YouTube and waiting for the traffic to pour in. In this article, we’re going to look at some more advanced strategies for getting your videos seen and shared. Read the rest of this BlaPage »


Mobile Redirection .htaccess Script

This simple .htaccess redirection script wil first check the useragent in the .htaccess file and if they match to the one’s listed below then it will send those visitors to the mobile version of your website. Read the rest of this BlaPage »


Over Search Engine Optimization Penalty Google Penguin Update

This Google Penguin Update has supposedly gone live already according to some, but Google said “in the next few days” 36 hours ago. Regardless, there’s no shortage of speculation. Here’s some of what Matt Cutts said: Read the rest of this BlaPage »


Show Featured Image in WordPress

Featured Image is now a native feature in WordPress 3.0+ and this tutorial walks you through how to implement them.

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LinkedIn Will Outsmart Facebook

Nobody seems to love Facebook any more. People seem mostly tolerate it, because it’s convenient. And that’s why Facebook remains vulnerable. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

latest vbulletin posts

Show Latest Vbulletin Posts on HTML Page – vbulletin 4.x

If you have a blog and a forum both on your website and want to Display Latest vbulletin Threads on a page on Your Blog or any other page on any other website then you need to use the code below. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

Create Wordpress Permalinks in Languages other than English

Create WordPress Permalinks in Languages other than English

If you’ve had problems with WordPress permalinks in Greek or any other non-Latin language, Read the rest of this BlaPage »


Redirect WordPress Visitors to Random Post

We will create a button on our site so if a user clicks on that button, they are taken to a random post on your website. Read the rest of this BlaPage »

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